Ban Evasion and Conditions of Release

We all know that Kelly was arrested Saturday. Most of us know that she was released on her own recognizance with a PTA.
She claims to be under a recog with only three (3) conditions:

  • Not to attend within 10 metres of Yonge & Dundas Square
  • Not to encourage others to gather
  • Not to use a microphone or bullhorn

But I think that there's a blanket Social Media ban in there. That's why she contacted me and asked that I share the attached video far and wide, to circumvent this restriction. Now, if it were a proper JIR, it would have included the caveat "..not to use social media directly or indirectly." But the cops that day were being really sloppy. They didn't even put my last name on the ticket they issued me, which is fucking annoying..

And neither here nor there. I have requested Ms Farkas provide us with a copy of her PTA (our sites have a bit of reach, so I wanted to make sure that if we enabled her to breach conditions, we did it properly and with the necessary degree of aplomb), but she has been understandably unwilling to, or otherwise prevented from, trusting our motives (for all she knows, I am controlled opposition). This writer is of the belief that Ms Farkas would be under a blanket internet access ban, but that's usually restricted for use against people with significant technical skills, so I'm unsure. Probably just a ban from Social Media.

She was cautioned by this writer that irregardless of the Social Media ban, using a megaphone (me and a certain group of inglourious basterds) in a digital town square (Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, etc) is in direct contravention of her Conditions of Release.
Using Social Media the likes of Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube is in contravention of this, even if so done by proxy, and that her best route would be to apply for a variance immediately and only then start rocking the boat.

Kelly Anne Farkas wants her day in court... and methinks she's gonna breach until she gets it. Stay tuned for more in anticipation of this and the clash scheduled for this weekend.